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Roofs & Rains

Do’s & Dont’s for your house during monsoon

If we say monsoons are fun, we might instigate many a debate. For some, the grey sky and muddy roads are reasons to dance and celebrate while for others…well it’s only grey sky and muddy potholes. But leaving the debatable favouritism towards monsoons aside, one can’t really deny the fact that monsoons are unavoidable and it’s always better to be prepared for them. We are sure your hair care products have come out of the closet and how-to-take-care-of-feet pages have start topping your computer history, but is your home sweet home prepared?

Ensure your home is weatherproof

Ok, so this term might have bothered many a souls by popping up unapologetically between your favourite show on TV, but the ad people aren’t really lying. Your house REALLY needs to be weatherproof since we aren`t fortunate enough to have different homes for different seasons. Make sure that the paint and the cement is right! To start with look for cracks along the ridge of your roof, inspect the valleys of your roof and replace any anomalies you find as soon as possible so as to avoid moisture leaks inside your home that can weaken your wall and/or ceilings.

Pre-monsoon renovation

You don’t want a pool of muddy water to clog your room neither do you want the newly plastered cement falling off your favourite ceiling. So any kind of major renovation work at home should be done either before the monsoons or after it.

Zip Lock

Keep your important papers in a waterproof zip-lock case or box. You know how moody rain Gods can be. They like spilling ‘water’ on your plans, literally. So stock up foodstuff and other necessities beforehand so that you don’t have to be a part of the monsoon hide-and-seek.

Splash some colour

Smile. Rains aren’t that bad. How much ever gloomy it gets outside, you can always add some colourful vibrancy to your walls or through your upholstery with a play of different hues and add funk to your abode. Go ahead and decorate your place in bright colours to liven up the mood. Make Yellows, oranges and lime greens your best friends.

Upholstery care

Roll away your expensive carpet for the monsoon and instead invest in washable alternatives.
A funky waterproof doormat in front of your house can keep away the unfriendly mud that your guests unintentionally (and sometimes intentionally) bring in. Also remember that leather is not really monsoon friendly. If it, or for that matter, any of your garments/upholstery, gets wet, let them dry at room temperature to avoid fungus.

Are your gadgets fine?

Don’t forget to keep silicon pouches near your gadgets to prevent them from getting moist and to reduce the danger of electrocution.

Also keep your home as dry as possible. Monsoons aren’t that bad. Open the windows wide, let the sunlight in and allow the whiff of soil soaked air fill your room. Take precautions and enjoy the beauty of the rain while it lasts!