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Bring the Christmas spirit home.


Ahoy Decemberistas! Christmas is here. Actually the warmest month of the year is here (definitely not weather wise though). This is the time to pile all the bad together and throw it off the 8th floor window. It’s time to usher the Christmas spirit by focusing on magic and love and turning your home into a miniature festival of joy. This is that time of the year when your home should exude a cheery feel and be warm and receiving for all kinds of happiness.
Start by decking up your favorite corners of the house. If you don’t understand the reason behind all the Christmas revelry, this time decorate your house not for others, but for yourself. You deserve to be happy, don’t you? From a fireplace with stockings to colorful lighting installations to posters on the walls to aromatic candles, there are so many ways in which you can spell festive. This article is aimed to kickstart your decorations and help you with a few ideas.

Start by accenting the white/light coloured walls of your house (and especially a white door if you have one) with the deep colors of an evergreen wreath and garland. Use one color to make a statement. Choose gold as your color as that will reflect the festive cheer. The entire wall doesn’t need to be painted gold though. Paint little wall frames and wall hangings with gold and add sparkle to it.

There’s nothing like the sight of a beautifully decorated home with dazzling lights, agree? Sass up this Christmas with twinkling lights that will add a soft glow at night and make it a view to behold even for strangers on the street. Sparkle is a holiday essential we believe.

If you haven’t bought your Christmas tree yet, hit the streets this weekend. Buy a plastic one if you belong to Phoebe’s school of thoughts. Add flowers, baubles, lights, bells and mistletoes. Don’t go by textbook ways of decoration. Whatever makes you happy should accentuate your Christmas tree. If you stay with your family/ friends, play Secret Santa and pack small gifts and keep them under the tree. If you are alone, this is the time to make yourself happy.

18Your side/centre table should be a major part of your celebrations. Pile Christmas books and movies on your side table. Don’t forget to play some good Christmas music throughout the day. A good vibe- aroma/ music wise created is half the work done. This is also the time to go down the memory lane. When you hang lights all over your house try pinning pictures of your family and closest friends. This will definitely light up not just your house but the hearts of all your closest people. Place colorful, scented candles and glass beads in glass bowls on your centre table. Float flowers or petals in a large crystal or glass bowl and keep it next to it.

Intertwine fruits, feathers, pine cones and mini glass ornaments and form a wreathe that you can hang at the entrance. Clean the house properly, use room fresheners, make savoury delicacies and smile. Let there be light this Christmas. Let there be happiness.

Wall Art for your Living Room


Whether you live in a cozy apartment, luxurious villa, a cottage by the sea or refined second home on a hill, a living room is the first thing a person notices about your home. It creates a first impression among your social circle. It sets the mood of the home and even reflects your personal taste.

Wall art is one of the simplest, most creative ways to express yourself. Different styles allow you to personalize your home and reflect your unique taste. The wall paintings exude an aesthetic charm and invite the guests to a special place, you call ‘home’.

The starting point for wall art is paintings. Fine art is a good investment. It also reflects superior taste and makes the room more than just a functional box. Let’s look at the work of some renowned artists, which popularly adorn walls.

Vincent Van Gogh

If you’re fond of the natural world, Vincent Van Gogh’s paintings will keep you inspired. His classic work comprising of ‘The Starry Night’, ‘Sunflowers’, ‘The Blooming Plumtree’ and ‘Field of Poppies’ depict nature in its pure form. The bright, vivid colors and swirling brushstrokes brings home the refreshing beauty and charm of the countryside. The paintings of Vincent Van Gogh in other words are a well-captured piece of mankind’s original home.

Claude Monet

A prolific painter, Monet is considered as one of the founders of French impressionist painting. His paintings bring a sense of magic to sunrises, sunsets and other sunlit landscapes. The paintings of papal and cathedral represented the old-world charm and nostalgia. Some of his popular works include ‘Impression Sunrise’, ‘Rouen Cathedral’, ‘Women in a Garden’, ‘The Luncheon’ and ‘Houses of Parliament’. These time-honored paintings depict a fascinating era and glorify the sheer ambience of a living room.

Pablo Picasso

Here’s something for the inventive soul. The paintings of Pablo Picasso, the man behind the revolutionary art of cubism, modernism and surrealism. He was the one who challenged the set rules and paved way for ‘abstraction’, a visual language of form, line and color. His famous artworks include ‘The Old Guitarist’, ‘Girl Before A Mirror’, ‘Factory’ and ‘Three Musicians’. The paintings exude mystery and earthy verve, making it a perfect fit for families driven by minimalism & contemporariness.

Raja Ravi Verma

If you don’t identify yourself with the modern art and wish to stay attached and pay a tribute to the glorious history of our country, Raja Ravi Verma is the artist for you. He has distinctively portrayed various elements of mythology & culture from ‘The Maharashtrian Lady’, ‘Shakuntala’, ‘Sri Krishna as Envoy’, to ‘Rama breaking the bow’. Many of his oil paintings are classic and the unique Indian touch is bound to distinguish the aura of your living room as well.