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It’s a daunting task for NRIs looking at investing in Indian property today. On the outside, with the rupee touching all-time lows against the dollar and India’s ‘real estate’ growth story looking bleak, the prospect for investments in property for NRIs seems like an uphill task. But this hasn’t deterred them from investing in India because, though for Indians property prices have appreciated significantly, for the overseas Indian, it has only been a marginal increase. So, whatever be your reason for investing in India, make sure that you are diligent and careful. Some important questions you need to ask yourself are:
Which city do you want to invest in?
In whose name do you want to buy the property?
If you have invested in a ready property, how do you plan to fund it?
Before any kind of an investment, engage in sufficient research or you may end up buying into micro markets. Also, make sure that the property has secured all clearances required by law. Insist on legal documents to ensure that your investment is safe.

Logically speaking, your first action plan should be to determine the nature of the property because NRI investment rules are different as per RBI guidelines. Buying a property requires time and energy and hence it’s advisable to not fall prey to hoax calls or ‘gut instincts’. Before you zero on into a project, speak to a few builders in the locality on the initial prices and the price for the last transaction. Make sure you visit a completed project by the builder to assess quality before deciding to buy.

Check the developer credentials, prime location, potential for infrastructure development and quality of property management in the project. Remember that apart from the registration cost and stamp duty, there’s also a service tax that will be levied. Once you arrive at a price at which the sale is agreed, pay through rupee denominated non-resident ordinary (NRO) or nonresident external (NRE) accounts and foreign currency non-resident (FCNR) accounts. It’s always suggested to invest in mind-sized property with high-end amenities.

Before you finalise on any property, find a good real estate adviser who will help you out with all the details. It’s advisable not to go to a broker. Most NRIs get tempted to purchase a holiday home in a hill resort or beach property or a retirement home over buying yet another flat in the city. But keep in mind that residential land purchases usually pay off well for most investors. Have any more tips? Share it with us.

Let life begin at 60!


Much as we measure out our lives in decades and talk about the lost times of youth, truth is, real life does begin at 60! Far from the myriads of “making it” run – if 20 can be termed as independence, hope and excitement, 60 is achievement, pride and life at its best. Celebrate it independenly and joyfully at Riva- our dedicated community to help you start your second innings with sixers!

Riva is a Tata Housing community that salutes the young, active and independent at heart. Aimed at bringing like minded senior individuals together in a modernized community; Riva is built on a concept of integrated township where people can come together and share experiences in a community that encourages self-reliance in a peaceful environment. In simple words – in Riva, you’d find a friend, get to live your style, have your rules followed and cherish your undying love for life.

Never be old!

11Old is when you think you are! At Riva, one hardly ever gets the chance to feel so. To bring alive the active living experience, Riva is built around the new-age community concept of an integrated township which is planned and tailored to offer care, comfort, security, privacy, serenity and activity in the milieu of an environment that enables you to lead a lifestyle that’s healthy, hassle-free and completely independent.

Manicured gardens, quaint sidewalks, no traffic, like minded people with a whole lot of commonalities makes Riva a place you’d love to indulge in.

Relax hard. Play harder. Live strong.

13Run a mile, chase a cat, swim a bit, take a deep breath – Riva is equipped with a full scale gymnasium, a 24X7 wellness center, a reading room, a multi-purpose lounge and a host of other amenities that keeps you busy. The best part about Riva is that its infrastructure meets the need for all classes.

Care @ Riva

12If you are wondering about how Riva’s care would be- it spans 360 degree. While the qualified in-house staff takes constant care of your needs, Riva’s dedicated recreational therapist ensures that you have a great time. To add, there are hobby groups and community dinners that opens up to a great social circle where friendship blooms.

Units and Floors

You can avail a 1BHK unit or a 2 BHK unit, with each floor having 4 spacious units and not more!

Click here to know more – www.tatahousing.in/riva/index.php

What a great way to begin 60’s isn’t it? When most of us brood on the impending question of where to stay when we retire, we already have a plan etched to let you start your second innings with a bang!