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A Quick Glimpse into Theme Homes


Most of us love everything custom-made these days, be it clothes, shoes or furniture. And now it’s time for custom homes. With a lot of Indians travelling to international destinations, be it for work or leisure, they are now getting increasingly aware of international trends, that extend to fashion, cuisines, lifestyles and homes. As a result, theme-based real estate development is gaining prominence amongst modern-day home-buyers.

This shift in consumer minds has in a way helped Indian real estate developers to make their project stand out from the rest. Here are a few distinct themes that are either becoming increasingly popular in India or are the country’s first:

Biophilic Architecture
Theme-HomesA design ethos that blends nature and architecture, the Biophillic style creates living spaces that are invigorating, inspiring and comforting. Incorporating natural elements like flowing water, green roofs and airy open living spaces help residents reconnect with nature. The local hillside ecology and topography are researched to design a master plan that helps the structures merge effortlesssly with the environment. Myst is India’s first such biophilic residential development that blends contemporary design seamlessly with the unique ecology of the Kasauli Hills. The expansive mountain views, indigenous plants, clean air and cascading streams add a new dimension to luxury living.

Mediterranean Style
14Mediterranean-themed homes like La Montana in Pune have terrace layouts that give you a great sense of space, while you breathe in fresh air thanks to the lush landscapes around. Porticos, classic arches, cut-stone facades and terracota railings are the highlights of the buildings. Stone, red-roof tiles, wrought iron and stucco are some of the elements which bring life to the Mediterranean concept. You can stroll along the township’s walkways and pebbled garden paths or lawns, passing through the open plazas and courtyards. All of these combined are no less than a treat to your soul.

Spanish Lifestyle & Architecture
15A style that revives the architectural trend of the early Spanish colonies, Santorini in Chennai offers distinctively conceptualised homes and intimate low-rise architecture. The exotic homes come with one-of-a-kind exclusive podium gardens, a lavish clubhouse with modern amenities and a vast expanse of green spaces. Truly, a lifestyle that is superlative and unparalleled!


Green Architecture
16Now here’s an invitation to holistic living with pre-certified green buildings that ensures cool air, with an increased ventilation of 30%, is funneled into homes with East-West orientation, providing ample light, while the south-facing sun-shading fins keeping the heat out. All of this is part of a master plan incorporating an interesting interplay of mid and high rise towers at Amantra, Mumbai that weaves in the elements of nature. There couldn’t be a better way than this to live green and eco-friendly.

A luxurious life has just got much more interesting with several such options for new home buyers. NRIs and HNIs are absolutely spoilt for choice. All one has to do is choose an ideal theme that reflects their personality. With an almost custom-made home, is there much to dream for? You are already living your dream, aren’t you?


Things that matter for buying a house


Buying a house can be deal of a lifetime. People often spent their life savings in owning a place close to their heart. It is one of the best long-term investments you can make.

A lot of factors are considered before buying a home right from the budget, city, vastu, resale brand value, etc.

Budget often tops the list and it is what helps streamline the search for a beautiful and affordable house. You need to keep a check on the needs of the family and look for a project which fulfills their dreams and aspirations too.

Location on the other hand has an impact on the resale value of your home. This further depends on the quality of lifestyle you seek for your family. How connected you wish to be with the main city? Or the serene life in the outskirts?

The young couples planning to settle down look out for things like Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui. Other than this, they also pay attention to loan availability, stamp duty, registration fees, neighbourhood amenities and property insurance.

7One other essential aspect which has taken roots these days is eco-living. People seek destinations which are planned amidst nature’s abundance. If the project has an lush greenery within the complex, it just adds up to the distinct portfolio. If the project has won any award or recognition from recognized institutions/organizations, it adds up to the abundance of living in such a place.

One such piece of marvel is Aquila Heights in Bangalore, a Tata Housing project. This piece of beauty which is also Bangalore’s tallest and the most premium residential project has recently been conferred the first prize by the Mysore Horticultural Society for its ornamental and vegetable garden. It is planned within the HMT Township at Jalahalli and en route to the new airport at Devanhalli.

Its green building features makes people live and experience the futuristic lifestyle.
These kind of projects add great value to the quality of life.