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A home is one-third of man’s basic necessities. Just because it is basic, it does not necessarily mean that it should exist as something plain and boring. In essence, your homes can be a reflection of your core personality.

This post is about the tiny things that are a part of the vast world of ‘Modern Residential Architecture’ which one perceives at a sub-conscious level but does not accept on a conscious level. Modern Residential Architecture may be THE thing that you were looking for but were never quite able to place a finger on.

Modern Residential Architecture is built on basically two elements – simplification of form and an absence of excess decoration. In other words, it follows the ‘less is more’ principle giving you just what you need for a beautiful and luxurious home.

All this began at the turn of the 20th century where along with everything else, even the fundamentals of architecture went through the renaissance phase. This happened because of development of both technology and society itself. There are a few common characteristics that modern architecture possesses. They are listed as follows:

Form follows function – This proposal was originally expressed by Frank Lloyd Wright’s early mentor Louis Sullivan. In a nutshell, this simply means that the design should be derived directly from the purpose and not the other way around.
Modern architecture requires simplicity and clarity of structure, thus eliminating unnecessary detail. Thus it gives you exactly what you need and not what you want, unlike traditional architecture.
Usual architecture means hiding the pillars and beams in your house which is usually considered ugly and something that’s best hidden from view. Modern architecture says otherwise. It involves visually displaying the basic structure rather than trying to hide it unnecessarily.
Materials used in your homes have special importance in modern architecture. The importance lies in the principle of ‘Truth to material’, which means that the true nature and form of the materials are exposed rather than camouflaging its essence. Very ‘Be what you are’, don’t you think?
Modern architecture stays true to its name. Instead of depending majorly on nature for raw materials, it depends on industrially-produced materials which can add that sharp technological edge to your homes.
The modern architect believes more in keeping things straight – what we mean is that there is more emphasis on vertical and horizontal lines which gives your homes a strong and stately demeanour.
This being said, the only thing constant about homes and their décor is change. True, that accepting change is difficult – but when it comes to the beauty and luxury of a space that is forever and truly yours, is asking to change asking for too much?


Woods Bagot and Their Indian Forays

Woods Bagot is a renowned global architecture and consulting studio specializing in nature inspired design and execution. It has made its presence felt across five distinct regions: Asia, Australia, Europe, the Middle East and North America.

The South Australian firm was established in 1869 and with time, came to be well known for its imaginative and integrated design solutions. It has received many accolades over the years, including a World House of the Year Award at World Architecture Festival in 2011.

A few of their most notable works include Nakheel Tower in Dubai, National War Memorial in Adelaide and Southern Cross Tower in Melbourne.

Its presence in the Indian market has been noteworthy, with active projects valuing over 5.5 million USD. With remarkable designs and state-of-the-art development, Woods Bagot is aiming to redefine the luxury realty scenario of India.

The most prominent Woods Bagot project in Mumbai is ‘The Wave’. It is an 80-floor tower which is being built in Worli, Mumbai. The design of the tower is inspired from the sea. The project is located close to the Arabian Sea and the recent architectural wonder, the Bandra-Worli Sealink.

Another Woods Bagot project in India which follows the rich maritime culture of Mumbai, is the Mumbai Sails project. It is being dubbed by Woods Bagot as the most iconic development in India. It is spread over 4 phases of construction that will house hotel, serviced residences, commercial offices and an international school. Mumbai Sails will soon be a part of the Mumbai Skyline which portrays an amalgamation of modern technology and time-honored Indian architecture.

Tata Housing has also got the privilege of working with the visionaries at Woods Bagot on their upcoming project named Ariana located in Bhubaneshwar. It offers a harmonious balance between residential dwellings and community-driven amenities. Ariana exemplifies the signature style and contemporary architectural look of Woods Bagot, and is aimed to provide a splendid yet peaceful life to its residents.