Did you ask your kid what he wants in his new house?

A dream house has been a part of our bucket list since childhood, and the feeling of finally stepping into your own house is inexplicable. It’s a moment of pride, and tremendous joy as your new home stands testimonial to the hard work that went behind realising your dream.

While looking for that perfect house, several things may have crossed your mind; a lot of questions that you wanted answered and rightfully so. It is, after all, one of the most important decisions of your life. And, you want nothing but the best for your family.

So, it goes without saying that we create a checklist to select the best apartment for ourselves. We look for the best deals, the possession price, time of possession of the apartment from the date of booking, the agreements and a good location.

We even look for the best furnishings, gardens, big windows and proper electric and civil work.

But, there is one question that most of us forget to ask.

We forget to ask our children what they want from their new house. After all, this has been their dream too. It’s only fair to hear them out and learn what they expect from their new home.

As parents, we need to keep a few things in mind while looking for a home to ensure that we raise our children in an ideal environment.

New friends for new beginnings:

Most children would prefer their new home to be somewhere they can easily make new friends and play with them. Sure, they would be able to make friends in their new school. But what about weekends and holidays? Your children should have the option to meet other kids, so that they can create bonds that last a lifetime.

Parks and open spaces:

In cities, where buildings are rising at a rapid pace, it is essential that your kids have parks, gardens or open spaces where they can play or ride their bicycles daily! Isn’t that we want for our kids as well? For them to remain active and enjoy their prime years to the fullest!

Safety and security:

In addition to ample play spaces, the safety of your kids is paramount. Wouldn’t you want your new home to be in a well-guarded society so that you can be free of worries when they are out playing. This not only allows you to live tension-free, but allows kids to be kids and enjoy their childhood years.

In addition to open spaces and ample greenery, it is best to check beforehand that there is an adequate number of families living in the same area, so that help is close-by if you ever need it. You also don’t want to end up in a secluded area with limited transport and parking facilities. And let’s not forget the absolute need for good schools and health clinics in the vicinity. You don’t want to be rushing to another part of the city for your kid’s health check-ups.

Tata Housing has launched the ‘Move in India’ campaign to provide all these facilities to families looking for apartments that they can move into immediately. They currently have 7 Ready-to-move-in projects in 5 cities across the country that are open for bookings from the 25th of August. They are also offering 24 months of assured rental on these projects. The best part? You can move into a home right away! So, you finally have freedom from the endless wait for possessions, EMIs and rent payments at the same time. Your children’s dream home is just one booking away.