Celebrate an Eco-friendly Diwali


With Diwali around, the festive spirit is in the air. People across the country are making plans to celebrate this festival of lights with exuberance and style. But, often in this celebratory mood, we turn our backs towards the environment.

Every year, the air and noise pollution reach new alarming level during Diwali. The amount of electricity consumed doubles, equivalent to the fortnightly supply for an average household.

It is in our interest to conserve electricity and keep a check on the air and noise pollution this year. Below are some tips which can help us take an eco-friendly step and celebrate a safe and happy Diwali.

  • Welcome Goddess Laxmi with a natural rangoli created with materials like colored sand, flowers, rice, lentils or even spices.
  • Go for traditional lightening of earthen lamps, diyas and candles as compared to the bulb streamers which consume more electricity.
  • If you’re adamant on using light streamers, then look out for LED as they are power-efficient and transmit no heat.
  • Instead of celebrating the fest with your closed group, go in for community celebration. Pool in your resources, share the spirit of Diwali together and conserve electricity.
  • You can even use organic agarbattis and incense in place of synthetic room fresheners.
  • String paper kandils or jute lamp shades around the facade to create an earthy ambience.
  • Buy eco-friendly crackers instead of traditional chemical crackers this Diwali. These crackers are made up of recycled paper and the sound produced by them is under the decibel limit defined by the Pollution Board.
  • Tons of paper is wasted as wrapping sheets. Avoid colored sheet and instead wrap the gift for your loved ones in a satin cloth or jute and embellish it with fresh flowers. If you’re artistically inclined, turn calendar pages or old newspaper into personalized gift-wrapping with a little paint and imagination!
  • Many corporates send Diwali greetings every year and hundreds of trees are cut to make paper, stripping the Earth of its green cover. Make your company send an eco-friendly message this Diwali by asking them to use emails or recycled paper instead!

Don’t you think it’s high time we consider these green options and create awareness among our community?