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Redefining the Luxury Segment!


Over the past few years you must have noticed the number of luxurious brands coming into the country. While some might say this is because of India standing strong against other economies around the world, others might have another theory to it. Whichever the case, the rapidly rising and developing economy of India has has given rise to a new breed of customers who are highly opinionated and are looking to live luxurious lives, influenced by global tastes and beliefs. These set of individuals, we like to call, the New Affluents.

The New Affluents, while retaining a distinctly Indian Identity, are redefining the market, taking marketers by storm. The Boston Consulting Group has pegged the number of affluent class around 13 million households in India. They love technology, high–living and new-age affluence – in a nutshell, an opulent lifestyle.

While the affluents represent only about 2% of the 240 million total Indian households, their consumption accounted for 16% of India’s overall consumption of US$991 in the year 2010. Studies also show that in 2011, 20% of the affluent spends were on housing and consumer durables, while 17% were on food. A study by Nielsen suggests that the number of affluent Indians regularly shopping at modern stores doled to 36% in 2012 from a mere 18% in 2007.

With an audience like this, there is bound to be changes in the real-estate scenario as well. These are the audiences looking for a better lifestyle of living in lavish and luxurious homes to go with their persona. This has seen a change in the upcoming properties in cities as well. The city of Bangalore is one such example.

Bangalore was transformed into the Silicon Valley of India, as over 500,000 well paying jobs for young college graduates were created. This lead to a boost in the city’s lifestyle. The demographics of the city completely changed with new campus-style office parks sprouting, vast shopping malls thriving and streets becoming crowded with new cars. This also lead to an uptrend in capital values for both mid and high-end properties.

Based on these findings, Tata Housing Development Co. Ltd. held a round table conference in Bangalore to understand and come up with better solutions in marketing for this class of individuals. The discussion was compiled by an array of experts representing different fields to throw light on their areas of expertise.

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Tata Housing Paints its Way into the Limca Book of Records with the Mumbai Wallbook


The longest wall painted by most artists; 900 metres by 556 artists illustrating social messages for Mumbai

Mumbai, May 18, 2013: Tata Housing Development Company Limited, India’s fastest growing real estate developer made it to the prestigious Limca Book of Records 2013 for ‘Mumbai Wallbook’, the lengthiest wall painting activity held in Mumbai on 20th May, 2012. This first of its kind initiative on the theme ‘Design Your Dream City’ and witnessed the spirit of 556 artists coming together, on one platform, to design their dream for the city. Over 15,000 likes and conversations were generated on Tata Housing’s Facebook page a week prior to the event, and other social media platforms were engaging with enthusiasts.

The Limca Book of Records was launched in 1990 in Mumbai and brought between its covers, records and achievers flung far and wide in different fields. It’s a salute to all those Indians who want to do something different and be remembered for their distinctive deeds. There is more to Limca Book of Records has a wide range of information on several subjects, divided for easy reading into chapters. Including the ever-popular Human Story section, there are sections on Education, Agriculture, Medical Science, Business, Sports, Nature, Adventure, Radio, Cinema etc. The roaring success of ‘Mumbai Wallbook’ led Tata Housing to believe that such mass participation was rarely witnessed and motivated them to enter the books of records.

Hundreds of Mumbaikars registered for the Mumbai Walbook to redecorate the defaced city walls and illustrated them with graphic visualizations of their dream city and quintessentially Mumbai. The paintings sent out strong social messages with themes of anti-crime, anti-corruption, eco-awareness, non-violence, Bollywood frenzy and Lord Ganesha’s portrait beautifying the walls along the Tulsi Pipe Road in central Mumbai. The entire length of the wall extends over three suburban train stations, as is an arterial link road to the city centre.

The success of the wallbook in Mumbai prompted Tata Housing to hosts its Delhi editions as well as ‘Delhi WallBook’. With nearly 500 participants in Delhi’s North Campus venue, the people’s passion went on to establish Tata Housing’s Facebook page as the largest fanbase in the realty space with 15,000 new fans, taking the total to 88,000.

Commenting on the achievement, Mr. Rajeeb Dash, Head of Marketing at Tata Housing said, “It is an honour to be a part of the Limca Book of Records this year. Our Mumbai Wallbook initiative was a pilot project and we were overwhelmed with the enthusiastic response from artists. The event resulted in an astonishing turn out of citizens who desire a better and safe Mumbai and were ready to demonstrate their views through their artistic skills. This national recognition of our support for art and culture is encouraging. We endeavour to take The Wallbook initiative across to other cities in India as well.”

The Mumbai WallBook was a joint initiative by Tata Housing & Brand Promotions India Pvt. Ltd. to bring professional, amateur and budding artists on the same platform to showcase their skills and create a record for the longest wall painting by maximum artists. Tata Housing has always supportive of the city’s art and culture the cities, and will be taking it to the next level with wallbooks in Bangalore, Pune, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi, Chandigarh, Hyderabad and a junior wallbook in Mumbai.