‘And suddenly he saw an immense cloud floating by his window’


Living in the mountains is an exhilarating experience. There is nothing more serene, more invigorating and more inspiring than catching the morning mist on the window pane or breathing in fresh air every day. There is nothing that adds that hint of romance and is more magical than the sight of clouds descending onto the mountaintops in wisps and puffs of fog.

There is nothing like living in the mountains.

Myst, India’s first residential development by Tata Housing is designed using biophilic architecture and brings alive your this dream of living in the mountains. It’s an approach that brings you closer to the pristine nature of the Kasauli hills, while presenting you with every luxury that you truly deserve. Biophilic architecture is a design ethos that integrates nature and architecture to create living spaces that are invigorating and comforting. Myst’s unique design incorporates natural elements like flowing water, green roofs, and airy open living spaces to reconnect residents to nature.

Have you ever heard of Eco-Luxury? That is what Myst is all about. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas near Kasauli and at 5,500 ft. above sea-level, it is about 65 kms from Chandigarh airport and brings you one step closer to nature.

This exclusive gated community has been designed by the world’s leading expert in sustainable architecture, Llewelyn Davies Yeang. Located on a high promontory, Myst blends contemporary design seamlessly with the unique ecology of the area. When you live here, expansive mountain views, indigenous plants, clean air and cascading streams of water become a part of the living experience and add a new dimension to luxury living. The result isn’t just architecturally accomplished – it’s way of living in harmony with natural beauty that is both pleasurable and sustainable.

Luxury now is more sensitive in its approach and more evolved in the statement it makes about those who choose to live here. Whether you’re looking for spending more time with your family or an unforgettable experience of your lifetime, nothing will fire your living and redefine ‘feeling at home’ like Myst.

Who says a holiday has to be far away from home? We know busy lives mean fewer opportunities to meet up with friends and so we offer you Myst. Make living count. Let the mountains echo of understated luxury and eco-friendly existence. Listen to your heart beat to the sound of nature. Stop. Admire the photogenic landscape that is your home. And when you think you need a quick holiday, just head into the neighborhood, switch off your smartphones and settle in for the ultimate experience of living amidst the Gods.

Gifting your parents on this Parents Day


We all like to spend some quality time on small things in life: Which restaurant to escape to for the weekend, which sport to play to ease the taut muscles, how to escape from the humdrum of the city etc. But the long hours at work and our busy city lifestyle makes us miss out on savoring some quality time with the people who make the small decisions of our life truly important: our family.

So how to get those lost hours back? How to gift your parents your time and the lifestyle they truly deserve?

In keeping up with your parents’ endeavor to nurture and love you and your yearning to spend some quality time with them, Tata Housing has come up with an answer to all your daunting questions: Project Riva.

Redefining the idea of ‘individual space’, Riva, which translates to ‘to bind’, strikes a harmonious balance between independence and symbiosis. Obscured from the sight of honking cars and unending traffic jams, Riva offers you an affable lifestyle that welcomes you with unmatched warmth.

Living at Riva is like being on a holiday you wish would never end. Designed around the new age community concept of an integrated township, Riva is planned and developed to offer care, comfort, security, privacy and serenity, amidst a great environment that promises to enable all its residents to lead an independent and hassle-free lifestyle.

Walk through Riva and you will hear friendly banter through the width of the community. This is because Riva offers a wide range of facilities and activities, giving you all the more reasons to stay at home and make the most of your time. Give your parents a chance to revel in the company of like-minded people as they make the most of the well-equipped gym and 24×7 wellness centre, reading room, multi-purpose lounge and a host of other engaging amenities, and develop relationships like never before. So while your mothers start a new journey with her new friends, enjoy a game of badminton with your father, just like old times.

We care for our residents and respect individual needs. Hence we have our qualified staff that will work tirelessly to take care of comfort, security, health & wellness and will help you with personalised services for your household chores. Step off the beaten track as Riva is part of a green township in Bengaluru’s fastest developing corridors. What also sets Riva apart is its connectivity. Riva is 10 minutes from NH4 Tumkur Road, 20 minutes from the nearest Metro station (Nagasandra Metro), 25-30 minutes from Yeshwantpur Station and less than an hour from Bengaluru International Airport. Yes, when we say we UNDERSTAND the value of your time, we truly mean it!