Ariana – Where Nature meets Progress!

The analogy you’ll hear is that of an idyllic, flourishing leaf; a fresh leaf that flutters with the morning breeze and brings news of fresh starts and new beginnings.

Isn’t it wonderful how a leaf can catapult happy memories? Maybe that is why it’s a leaf that has inspired the conceptual pattern of Project Ariana’s linear shaped site.

As you begin reading this article, take a moment and become aware of your posture. Relax and take a deep breath. Feel the rustling of the trees around you, the melody of mysterious birds of unknown affinities, the streaming of fresh air through your lungs.

Cut out all the noise.

When was the last time you appreciated the pleasure of deep breathing? When was the last time you truly relaxed? Ask the people of Ariana this question and don’t be startled if they say: EVERYDAY.

Those who have lived in small towns know its charm. Bhubaneshwar, a city with a history dating back 3,000 years, is one such small town. But sprawling over 12 acres of land, Project Ariana by Tata Housing, is strategically located at the heart of this beautiful city. The Project has been designed to meticulously strike the rare balance between progress and nature, residential dwellings and community driven amenities, small town charm and cosmopolitan benefits.

At the heart of Ariana is The Club, integrated in design in a way that it forms the nerve centre of the residential development. Over an area of 25000 sq ft, the clubhouse gives you all the reasons to be unexpectedly contended and outright happy, at any time of the day. But if 25000 sq ft of fun and entertainment is not good enough to make you happy, then move away from the club and take a deep plunge into the blue swimming pools or let your mind wander and travel through time in the sprawling reading rooms.

Ariana also gives you reasons to live the plush life with 4-6 elevators at your service in each of the 16 towers and polished Kota stone staircases. With stunning views at hand, the buildings are located in a way that maximizes the visual connectivity to the surrounding parkland. Get carried away but while you are cruising through the carefully structured elements of Ariana, and deciding whether you enjoy the modern complexity of it more or its proximity to nature, don’t forget to stop, breathe and rejuvenate. Because inspired by it and surrounded by it, it’s natural that Ariana is as refreshing as the leaf itself.

Ariana is designed to help make memories out of your everyday lives. So soak up the sun on the poolside, let the green lifestyle fill you up with a fresh new perspective and enjoy the opulent and lavish lifestyle the homes offer. Be prepared for a mélange of scenic beauty of the forests and strategic convenience.

‘And suddenly he saw an immense cloud floating by his window’


Living in the mountains is an exhilarating experience. There is nothing more serene, more invigorating and more inspiring than catching the morning mist on the window pane or breathing in fresh air every day. There is nothing that adds that hint of romance and is more magical than the sight of clouds descending onto the mountaintops in wisps and puffs of fog.

There is nothing like living in the mountains.

Myst, India’s first residential development by Tata Housing is designed using biophilic architecture and brings alive your this dream of living in the mountains. It’s an approach that brings you closer to the pristine nature of the Kasauli hills, while presenting you with every luxury that you truly deserve. Biophilic architecture is a design ethos that integrates nature and architecture to create living spaces that are invigorating and comforting. Myst’s unique design incorporates natural elements like flowing water, green roofs, and airy open living spaces to reconnect residents to nature.

Have you ever heard of Eco-Luxury? That is what Myst is all about. Located in the foothills of the Himalayas near Kasauli and at 5,500 ft. above sea-level, it is about 65 kms from Chandigarh airport and brings you one step closer to nature.

This exclusive gated community has been designed by the world’s leading expert in sustainable architecture, Llewelyn Davies Yeang. Located on a high promontory, Myst blends contemporary design seamlessly with the unique ecology of the area. When you live here, expansive mountain views, indigenous plants, clean air and cascading streams of water become a part of the living experience and add a new dimension to luxury living. The result isn’t just architecturally accomplished – it’s way of living in harmony with natural beauty that is both pleasurable and sustainable.

Luxury now is more sensitive in its approach and more evolved in the statement it makes about those who choose to live here. Whether you’re looking for spending more time with your family or an unforgettable experience of your lifetime, nothing will fire your living and redefine ‘feeling at home’ like Myst.

Who says a holiday has to be far away from home? We know busy lives mean fewer opportunities to meet up with friends and so we offer you Myst. Make living count. Let the mountains echo of understated luxury and eco-friendly existence. Listen to your heart beat to the sound of nature. Stop. Admire the photogenic landscape that is your home. And when you think you need a quick holiday, just head into the neighborhood, switch off your smartphones and settle in for the ultimate experience of living amidst the Gods.