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Goa and the allure of The Quiet Life

Many of us, who have been born and brought up in cities, would like to believe that this is as good as life gets. The city provides for everything we identify with – education, careers, medical facilities, necessary amenities, entertainment, luxury, and so on. And yet, we like to visit serene, scenic holiday destinations with family or friends every time an opportunity presents itself. We spend a blissful time during the stay, and feel sorry when it is time to get back to the city.

Now, why is that?
If the city life is indeed what we have chosen for ourselves, why should there be a pang of regret in returning to it? We put up with the crowds, pollution, stress, and unhealthy habits that urban life entails, but there’s a part of us that yearns for peace and quiet. A life that allows us to be in touch with our true motivations; a life that frees us from the unending cycle of wanting more; a life that unfolds at the pace we want, instead of dragging us in its wake.

No place in India symbolizes this life better than Goa.

Goa has always held an attraction for people with creative inclinations – writers, academics, musicians, and filmmakers. But in recent years, it has increasingly begun to interest corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, and people who choose to pursue off-beat interests. It is a veritable melting pot of aspirations and outlooks, and it graciously makes space for each.

Life in Goa makes the sacrifices and adjustments seem worthwhile.

Not everyone who arrives here is rich or seeking riches; there are people who have quit corporate jobs in cities, and come to Goa to become spiritual healers or canine behaviourists. Nor is everyone who settled here nearing retirement; many couples prefer to raise their kids in Goa. People don’t necessarily go for a Portuguese-styled villa overlooking a paddy field or a beach; they make do with a simple apartment. But everyone, whether they’re renting a home or buying one, is happy to make whatever adjustments it takes in their work, life, and play, just to stay in Goa. They find inventive ways to match their skills to Goa’s needs. Possibly the best part of living in Goa is that it shows you the true value of money – and that you don’t need too much of it to be happy.

Goa just lets you be, and lets you explore your personal interests.

With bountiful sun, sea, and greenery, Goa is a nature lover’s delight. The air is clean, the food is great, and the crowds are sparse, except on festivals and occasions of revelry. Everyday essentials like food, drink, electricity, and petrol cost less than in the metros. Property rates are low, so you can easily rent a sprawling villa for less than what you would pay for the average two-bedroom apartment in Mumbai’s Bandra. Goa also offers ample facilities for sports, travel, outdoor excursions, and recreation. The small population of Goa allows its inhabitants to have a good life.

More importantly, whoever you are, and whatever you do, Goa lets you be. It has great tolerance and respect for the privacy and the choices of individuals. On the other hand, it is very easy to be social here.

If you know one person, they will introduce you to the next, and so forth. And before you realize it, you will know everyone.

Living in Goa is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially those who wake up every morning turbo-charged, looking to throw themselves into the fray of another day. But for those who seek a slower, quieter life, with a peaceful wine glass by their side, there is no better place to be than Goa.

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How ready to move-in homes will change the way you buy your next house

By Manan Vyas

“Hey. Don’t ever let somebody tell you…you can’t do something. Not even me. Alright? You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they wanna tell you you can’t do it. If you want something, go get it. Period.”

Chris Gardner, “Pursuit of Happyness”

The movie, “Pursuit of Happyness”, personifies the American Dream. Chris Gardner is a dad and husband struggling to make ends meet in a hard-knock world where the odds seem stacked against him. Gardner, an intelligent but uneducated man, starts out as a salesman of an innovative but unnecessary medical device, the Osteo National Bone Density Scanner.

He knows he needs to do better for his family. It being America, a land of freedom and opportunity, where the Declaration of Independence itself proclaims, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” Chris sets off on the difficult yet potentially very rewarding path of trying to make a new life, with a new career, giving himself and his son new opportunities for happiness, prosperity, and freedom.

This is what the American Dream is supposed to be about, and this is why Indians have been leaving for America in droves for decades in search of opportunity, freedom, and meritocracy. Indians have been doing quite well in America, succeeding as doctors, lawyers, entrepreneurs, and much more.

The American Dream in India?

What if an Indian could have the best of both worlds in India itself? What if he could enjoy the economic and personal freedom that the American Dream offers while staying in a land of such beautiful culture and heritage, a land where he is welcomed as a local, someone who belongs and enjoys all the status and benefits that being a native citizen affords? Is it possible?


Nayi Soch, Nayi Umeed, Naya Hindustan

In May 2014, Narendra Modi, a man who literally embodies the American Dream himself – going from chai-wala to Prime Minister of the world’s largest democracy – came to power and brought with him a vision and a plan for turning India into a modern global superpower. In the years since he has been PM, many real and significant advances have been made.

The Jan Dhan Yojana, has ensured affordable access to financial services to millions, making India a more economically inclusive nation. The LPG Subsidy Reforms have allowed over 5 lakh new LPG connections to people who were still relying on firewood and kerosene. The Swachh Bharat Mission has improved household toilet availability from 42% in 2014 to 64%, and several states have achieved 100% open defecation-free status. Make-in-India has dramatically increased Foreign Direct Investment by over 46%, making India an extremely attractive destination for local and international businesses.

Finally, initiatives such as Brand India, Rainbow of India, and the 8-Point Development Model, are launching India into a future with more female empowerment, less corruption, more educational opportunities and employment opportunities, and much more. The future of India is bright, and it would be a shame to miss out on it.
Why it is time to bet on India

Indians have longed for this “American Dream” discussed above. Owning a house, having a job, and raising a family in the US are just some of the things a good chunk of Indian students want. However, with rapidly changing market conditions, and even more importantly, given the response of the companies to these changes, it can be said that Indian aspirants have, to an extent, paid the price of the so-called “new-era”.

Recently, there have been mass layoffs across sectors, and the United States of America hasn’t been far behind either. According to a report in Bloomberg, in March, US employers cut 43,310 jobs, a 17% increase from February. Telecommunications, a preferred sector when it comes to job-hunting, cut 7,768 jobs in March 2017, as opposed to the 1,264 cuts in March 2016.

This, coupled with the recent changes in acquiring the H1B visa, has forced companies to look for newer avenues for expanding their workforce. The biggest of these has been hiring locally rather than going international. For example, Cognizant recently announced its plans to hire from local communities to oversee its US projects. According to a report published in Business Standard, “when the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services opened the window for applications, Cognizant applied for “less than half” H1B visas compared with last year.”

Hence, despite the success that established Indian-Americans enjoy in India, that opportunity seems to be fading out for the new entrants who wish to make the same leap as their forward-thinking predecessors.

As India rockets toward a promising future, the time to bet on India is now. With the development of the RERA (Real Estate Regulation Authority), home-buying in India has become more transparent, giving buyers more confidence and power over sellers. Thanks to RERA, developers are now liable for delays in transferring possession of the property, so buyers now have the freedom to buy only when the house is ready for occupancy.

Ready to move in homes to the rescue!

Tata’s Move-In-India program features 6 ready-to-move-into luxury homes across 5 cities. These 6 homes: Primanti, Gurgaon Gateway, Ariana, Amantra, Privé, and The Promont – promise the luxury and comfort of an American lifestyle, the elegance of Indian architectural design, and the hominess of and proximity to India’s rich and vibrant heritage.

1. Primanti – Delhi NCR
Tata Primanti: Villas & Apartments

Tree-lined boulevards winding through lush forested parks. Pergolas and sun-kissed water bodies, shimmering coyly through the trees. This 36-acre paradise on earth is located in Sector 72, Gurgaon, and features premium apartments and duplexes with courtyards, open terraces, and private gardens. Marble flooring, luxurious clubhouses, and inbuilt spas scream opulence.

2. Gurgaon Gateway – Delhi NCR

Gurgaon Gateway sets a new benchmark for luxurious living and modern architecture.

From plush double-heighted lobbies, to timber sun-decks, and private terraces, Gurgaon Gateway flirts with a new frontier in luxurious living. Residents can experience the outdoors from the comfort of their own home through the sprawling rooftops overlooking the lush greenery and waterscapes. These rooftops are natural extensions of the living and dining areas. The 3 BHK apartments have been creatively designed to have 3 open sides to allow greater cross ventilation.

3. Ariana-Bhubaneswar

The project is designed by Woods Bagot, an international architect and is equipped with world-class amenities.

At the cusp of nature and modernity, Ariana offers a special combination of comfort and convenience. Aesthetically designed entrance lobbies, vitrified tile flooring, polished Kota stone staircases, and Teak veneer polished flush doors mixed with ubiquitously dispersed electrical outlets, cable TV and telephone points in the living room and master bedroom, and efficiently designed bathrooms help Ariana strike the right balance between artistic elegance and modern practicality.

4. Amantra-Mumbai MMR

Attractive pricing coupled with excellent build quality.

Innovative architecture interspersed with elements of nature aim to make life comfortable and worth living at Amantra. Soaring towers rising above the surroundings give one a kingly feel while attention to the smallest of design details ensure that Amantra offers the best in high-class living.

5. Privé-Lonavala

The vacation home that Indians have always longed for – now in Lonavala.

Modern, open-plan housing, sculpted greens, and world class amenities testify to a truly international way of life. Each residence is fitted with luxuries such as private pools, Jacuzzis, rain showers, French windows, Italian marble and stylish kitchens that project opulence and class. The Privé clubhouse is an exclusive recreation area allowing you to soak up the sun next to the swimming pool, or get in shape at the gym. Squash courts, digital golf, a business desk, and even a library let you soak up the high-life.

6. The Promont-Bangalore

A luxury home, up in the clouds.

As a gated-community atop a private hill, The Promont defines exclusivity. With a clubhouse featuring a jogging track, a gym and yoga center, an indoor Jacuzzi, pools, squash courts, a library, and even a restaurant and bar, The Promont is setting the standard for how people should be living.
Live your dream here and now

The American dream used to be limited by geographic boundaries. The dream was only available in America- a far-away land promising opportunity and freedom. India was a closed-off country held back by tradition, lethargy, and an inertia that resisted any attempt at development.

That is all changing now. The government is facilitating the realization of these lofty dreams in India through aggressive governmental reforms aimed at modernizing and developing the Indian subcontinent.

India is becoming the dream. What you hope to find in America, you will soon enough find in India. The time to believe in the homeland is now and the first step towards that highly sought-after American lifestyle can be taken through the luxurious living arrangements offered by TATA Housing, while living in a country with unparalleled cultural heritage.

When the best of India stays at home and helps to push forward the nation’s development and progress, the realization of the ideals of the American Dream in India will happen sooner than anyone thought possible.

Dream on India, dream on. Dream until your dreams come true.