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Whitewash your Walls


In interiors, white isn’t cool….it’s HOT…it’s classic…it’s IN!

White walls are a good backdrop for any kind of object d’art and paintings. Using different shades of white, one can achieve any kind of ambience, whether it’s contemporary, traditional or classic.

For a fusion of contemporary and classic look, go for the shades of whites tinted with ivory and palest beige in luster paint. The semi gloss luster paint maximizes the light in the room. The semi reflective walls effortlessly bring out the play of lights. Complement your decor with any kind of flooring.

If the room size is big, I recommend highlighting one wall with wallpaper or bright color paint, like deep red, purplish blue or ochre yellow, or with an altogether different material like ceramic tiles. This creates interests for an eye before it finds its peace in the chic white ambience!

Interior Tips by Ekta Doshi, Interior & Space Designer from Orion