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What is Feng Shui?


We have all heard about this art of home decor, ‘Feng Shui’, but few of us are aware about the origin and actual meaning of this ancient philosophy called, ‘Feng Shui’.
Feng Shui is believed to be an ancient science, which began in the West Han dynasty around the third century BC in China. It was distinctly used to orient buildings – often spiritually significant structures such as tombs, but also dwellings in an auspicious manner. Some people also refer to it as an art that hosts knowledge on how to balance worldly energies.

Literally, ‘feng’ means wind, while ‘shui’ means water. Among the Chinese, these two elements have been associated with good fortune and good health.

As an ideology, Feng Shui is evolved on the basis that the land, earth and sky are all alive and filled with Qi (chi) energy and if tapped properly, they can enrich a person’s life. The science behind it is similar to using a compass or alignment with the celestial stars and planets and thereby find the right structure alignment on earth to promote a healthy flow of energy.

Chi which is commonly referred as to the universal energy connects people with their environment. It is present in everything we do, see and in everything that surrounds us. Each one of us has chi within us which helps us maintain the physical, environmental and emotional balance.

32In addition to the belief in ‘chi’, it also believes in the theory of the Yin and Yang. It is believed that the entire universe is made of two opposing forces – the Yin and the Yang. The two forces which are closely related to each other, and interdependent, which means, one cannot exist without the other. Yin is a passive feminine force, while Yang is active and masculine. In order to achieve a peaceful and contented life, it is necessary that these forces should be balanced. Feng Shui helps to achieve and maintain this balance.

If a room is painted with dark colors and is exposed to very little sunlight, it is considered to be too yin or having stagnant chi. Spending too much time in a room like this can make a person sick or depressed. In contrast, if a room is painted with light colors, bright and warm, it is believed to have too much yang chi. It’s therefore crucial to have a balance of both the forces, the Yin and the Yang.
In the modern times, Feng Shui is simplified to the principle of five basic elements that come from the traditional school.The elements are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Each Feng Shui element is represented by a specific color and shape i.e. rectangular for wood, red for fire, square for earth, round for metal and blue for water. The elements interact with each other in a certain way which defines either of the productive or destructive cycle depending on their arrangement and placement. Feng Shui comprehends this interaction between the elements using a bagua compass and thereby helps prevent the destructive cycle from occurring.

Of all the different concepts of Feng Shui, a lot of people across the world prefer the five basic elements for its simplicity and usability factor. They use this principle before buying a home or revamping an office. Which one would you consider for attaining that blissful union with the environment?

It’s Time for a Fall Makeover

Fall has arrived, so, get ready to give your home a seasonal makeover. While summer is all about bright hues and open spaces, fall calls for cozy corners and dusky shades. Here are some tips which will bring warmth into your home & make it season friendly.

Fall Colors

When it comes to fall colors, rich red, orange and ochre rule the chart. These colors are subtle and refresh the entire aura of your home. Orange & red draws its inspiration from nature, whereas ochre/dark brown identifies with the hot chocolate & rich coffee beans, the two most popular drinks of the season. Accenting orange with metallic trim or black fixtures gives a particularly trendy of-the-moment look. One can also try painting one wall with dark brown shade & accentuating it with light brown or gold color furniture for a luxurious feel.

Warm up your deck or patio

Gone are the hot, humid days of summer, it’s time to spend comfortable evenings outside with your closed ones. Clean up the patio. If need be, throw in some rugs and extra pillows to enjoy the pleasant weather. It’s also an ideal time to plan a festive party with special attention to barbecue. Let fun, frolic & festivity find a new address this season.


It’s one of the most soothing ways to welcome the new season. Laying area carpets with plush textures in rich warm patterns will take the chill off hardwood or ceramic floors. Plush Oriental, wool, and Persian carpets are excellent choices for this time of the year.

Scented candles

If you’re not fond of fireplace, here’s another interesting way to warm up the atmosphere of your home. Scented candles provide extra heat and at the same time, create a cozy ambiance. Soothing scents like pumpkin and peppermint invoke lovable memories and refresh your home in an inexpensive and safe way. You can even try experimenting with various scents in different areas of your home. For your kitchen, opt for a highly fragranced cinnamon apple oil to evoke moments of baking and holidaying. With reference to bathroom & its freshness, use a few peppermint votive candles. Lavender or any other floral-scented candles are ideal for living room to create a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere. Always be sure to buy candles in colors that match or compliment the color scheme of the room.

Bed Linens

Change bed linens from light summer cottons to warm woolens to stay warm this season. Even flannel, a variation of cotton sheets can be considered a more comfortable alternative. The fluffy nature of these sheets is great for the couple to snuggle up and enjoy the shorter days and chilly evenings.

If you’ve any other suggestion, please feel free to drop us a comment. We will be happy to include it in our fall makeover tips. Be cool & stay warm!