Home Decor

A touch of dawn in your home

11This fall season, bring in a touch of dawn to your personal space. Yellow represents sunshine and happy radiance as per Feng Shui. It’s associated with the earth element and best suited for your bedroom, children’s room, kitchen or office.

You can choose from different shades of sunflower yellow, golden yellow, pineapple yellow, bright lemon yellow to greenish yellow for your space.

A cheerful color, yellow can instantly lift your mood and keep your mood swings under control. You can aesthetically use this color in a setting associated with work — like in your study area or balcony.

The color researchers around the world believe yellow increases self-esteem and strengthens the overal levels of well being and health. It’s also linked to enlightenment and intellect, helps the digestion and absorbing new information easily and quickly.

There are distinct ways to add this splash of sunshine to your home i.e. by placing a yellow cabinet, cushions, table centerpiece, art frames, pillow covers, armchair or bedsheets.

Being the brightest of all shades, yellow grabs attention quickly. It also brings in warmth to your home as compared to other colors which fall in the same earth category like beige, brown, dark green and olive green.

So, break away from your traditional color palette and introduce a tinge of yellow to your home and make it a happier place to live in.

3 unique themes for your home decor


An emerging trend in the realty scene, more and more people these days aspire to decorate their personal space with vibrant and unique themes. The themes which will transform their home into a beautiful haven and identify (read that as glamorize) with their personal self.

In sync with the trend, many high-end developers have also started investing in top-notch architects and designers to provide the customers an abode, they would cherish for life. The theme-based homes are priced differently depending upon the location, features and individualism. As the adage goes, ‘Exclusivity comes at a price’.

If you can afford these super-classy homes, nothing like it. But, if you can’t and are still keen on customising your home, we bring you these unique themes.

Zen Warmth

‘Zen’ as the word suggests is a theme around ‘inner peace’. With so much of hustle-bustle in our daily lives, there needs to be this one place which celebrates ‘zen’. The zen warmth theme is based on the same philosphy, it brings together the five intrinsic elements of nature i.e. Earth, fire, water, metal and wood. Neutral colors like white, sky-blue, peach go well with this theme. The furniture will be bare minimal with respect to utility and importance would be given to other Feng Shui elements like sandalwood incense, wall water fountain and buddha statues. The best part about this theme is every member can explore their zen factor and customise their room accordingly.

Color Blocking

28It’s the complete opposite of the ‘zen warmth’ theme. While the zen concept highlights neutral colors, color blocking portrays a kaleidoscope of colors and emotions. In simple words, two or more contrasting blocks of colour when combined in one single piece, is called ‘colour blocking’. Herein, you get to choose from different vibrant shades for your wall, accessories and furniture. The crux of the concept lies in its contrasting effect, which when placed together scales up the glam quotient of your abode.


Fusion Fever

29As the name represents, Fusion Fever is all about mix and match. It offers you an opportunity to explore and get the best of both the worlds. As a theme, Fusion Fever is the most favored of all in the cities as people like to amalgamate two different themes and create one. With respect to this theme, you can have red silk curtains, blue chiffon cushions with beige modern sofa set. Sounds unusual, but in entirety, this theme looks a class apart.