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Colours you could use in your home


Has it ever happened to you that you enter a house and suddenly feel at home? Or maybe, get cranky without reason? Most of us don’t realise by that’s the effect colours have on your mood. The colors of the rooms within your home need to bring out your personality. So choose colors wisely. And once you find something you like, limit the number of colors in a room to no more than three or four. Too many colors can make a room look busy or cluttered.


These neutral colours are basic because of their flexible nature. Black is best used in small doses as an accent. Indeed every room should have a touch of black to ground the color scheme and give it depth.


Red raises a room’s energy level.So when you want to stir up the excitement, particularly at night, go the read way and create the first strong and intense impression. In the living room or dining room, red draws people together and stimulates conversation.


Yellow communicates happiness and hence it’s perfect for the happy pockets of the house: kitchens, dining rooms, and bathrooms. When used in halls and small spaces, yellow can feel welcoming. But beware. In large amounts, this color tends to create feelings of frustration and people are more likely to lose their temper in a yellow interior. Orange on the other hand, evokes excitement and is an energetic color. While not a good idea for a living room or for bedrooms, this color is great for your workout room. Orange also increases energy levels.


Blue brings down blood pressure and helps calm down and relax people. Your bedroom should be ideal for the colour but if you opt for a light blue as the primary color in a room, balance it with warm hues for the furnishings. Warmer blues can also have a calming effect when used as the main color of a room. Stay away from dark blue though as it evokes feelings of sadness.


Green is one of the most peaceful colours. Green cools things down and encourages unwinding. Green also has a calming effect when used as a main color for decorating. Green is also believed to help with fertility. So if your bedroom is still waiting to be painted, choose green.


Purple, as it is associated with royalty, is rich, dramatic, and gives a royal feel. It is associated with luxury as well as creativity. But that’s with the darker shades. Lighter versions of purple, such as lavender and lilac, bring restful and peaceful qualities to bedrooms as blue does.


If you are ready for some irritability, rage and crankiness around you, then choose crimson. Stay away from this colour as the main color of a room. Sitting for long periods of time in a room painted in this color will likely affect the peace and harmony you are striving to create in your home.

The ceiling never really gets its share even though it represents one-sixth of the space in a room. A coat of white/cream paint is usually used as a general rule. We suggest you to stick to it as ceilings that are lighter than the walls feel higher, while those that are darker feel lower. Colors behave in three basic ways : active, passive, and neutral. The thumb rule is that light colors make rooms seem larger and brighter. Dark colors are sophisticated and give large rooms a more intimate appearance. These are the general rules but color choice is a very personal matter. So go with the hue that works best with you and let your home reflect your personality.

Ways to Decorate your Ganesha!


The most anticipated festival season is back. And we can already see sidewalks illuminated with under construction pandals and beautiful, iridescent Ganpati idols. For most of us, the quest to innovate and give our houses and temples a different look has already started. So what can you do to your house to make it beam with radiance and match it up with the spirit of the season?

Flowers! Get inspired to introduce the beauty of florals into your home with unique flower arrangements via DIY (Do It Yourself) decorating ideas online and more. Consider buying rare flowers; ones you have never used. As the shelf life of the flowers is not much, you might not want to use this idea if you have a week-long celebration. But artificial ones are always a good replacement- whether the plastic ones or the ones made of satin/silk. Grace strings of flowers or beads alongside curtains and add strings of Chinese lights.

Beads, borders, laces, sequins, buttons, stones. It’s time to bring them all out. Create patterns by mixing fabrics of different materials and colours. Use drapes and tassels to decorate the temple. Bring out your mother’s old saree or a heavy duppatta and pair it with the old pearls or beads or your necklaces and Chinese lights to give it an intricate and different look.Create your own hangings made out of fabric patchwork, mirror work etc for beautifying your walls. Thermocol can also never go out of fashion. If you are dexterous, make the temple on your own otherwise go creative and mix and match with everything that’s available with you.

It’s believed that the northeast corner of the house brings prosperity and happiness. Clean the corner and prepare to set your idol there. Green is the color of Ganesha. So decorate the puja ghar with a green theme. Go traditional or indo-western depending on your personal choice. Place a carpet on the floor and then keep a wooden or brass shrine on the floor. Decorate the walls with lighting or place diyas to lighten the pooja room decoration. Use as many diyas as possible and create patterns, so that the moment the sun sets, your house can light up.

Decorate your patios, lawns, gardens, balconies and drench them in this festival’s fervor. Make sure you add some bright and vibrant changes to smaller furniture pieces and make everything look vivacious. Go down the memory lane by with pictures of your past Ganpati celebrations. Take out spray paint canisters and fabric paint and pain your furniture/flower pots etc to reflect your personality.

Get multi-hued lights that can be hung all around the home. Let your entire home get illuminated with the colorful spirit of the big festival.

Open your arms and welcome prosperity and love into your home, along with the beloved elephant-headed god.