5 smartest ways to shop for a home

People spend their entire lives in building a dream house and when it is turning into a reality, they want to do everything with utmost care and consciousness.

A lot of thought goes into buying a home and yes, it is a big deal. From zeroing in on the location, connectivity from the project to the brand of developer and price of the house, buyers have to go through rigorous brainstorming and tedious processes to complete the transaction.

Since buying a house is a big investment, timing is one of the most crucial parts of the whole process. Saying so, this is the perfect time to invest in a house if you have been thinking about it lately.

Indian home buyers, who were putting their home-buying plans on a back-burner, are rejoicing at the moment. Due to several government legislations, buyers now have the power and developers are doing anything to woo them.

Home-buyers are protected by RERA, which means no developer can now take a genuine buyer for granted. Also, property prices are realistic and many developers are offering great deals.

You have to be a smart home-buyer and look at floor plans, deals, locality, infrastructure, urbanisation, etc., before buying a house.
Looking for suggestions? Here are 5 smart ways to buy a house

1. Consolidate your finances: The first and foremost step is to have a financial plan ready. Figure out the down payment, bigger the down payment, lower the EMI. Don’t dip into investments meant for retirement and other critical goals. Check your credit score.
2. Real estate agent: If you are confused, hire a real estate agent or a financial planner who’ll solve all your queries. A good planner will tell you how much to invest and how to plan finances accordingly.
3. Location: Take the advantage of urbanisation. Buy your dream house where there is rapid infrastructure development. Your property’s value should appreciate with time.
4. Developers: Go with only reputed developers who are RERA registered. Branded developers know what their customers want and have a reputation. Check out the deals they are offering. For instance, Tata Housing is offering a 3.99% interest rate scheme.
5. Scan the property: Pay multiple visits to the locality you are buying the house. If you are opting for ready-to-move in property, go and see the house several times. Inspect for issues and ask tough questions.

Buying a house is not that daunting, if you’re a smart buyer!